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Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio Might Be Dating

Photo: Getty Images

There have been some incredibly important reports about Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna possibly getting “hot and heavy” in various places over the past month, most recently at a sexy party at the Playboy Mansion (according to The Daily Mail).

While “hot and heavy” could mean anything from “possibly dating” to “probably just boning” or most likely just “in the same room,” it still means we must assess what this union might mean for the world. Yes, RiCaprio would be an unlikely pairing: the strawberry jam and American cheese sandwich of celebrity couples, if you will. But maybe it kind of makes sense. Both of them like parties, cavorting, and, weirdly, paddleboarding. And, Rihanna was once so inspired by Leo that she quoted him in an Elle interview:

When asked if she had any words to live by, she responded: ‘Avoid obviousness. That is a quote by Leonardo DiCaprio.’

Call me crazy, but it just might be love.

Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio Might Be Dating