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A Scent That Will Remind You of a Summer Day


When I first moved to New York, the first thing I noticed was the smell: a distinct mix of dirty diapers and sweat on a hot summer day. So when I heard that Joya was releasing Foxglove, a new scent inspired by the city, I held my breath.

Named after the toxic plant that once covered Central Park, Foxglove is a warm green fragrance that smells like honey and leaves. The first whiff transports you to a humid botanical garden. It smells like the romanticized notion of New York — the Sex and the City, Felicity, and Friends version — and nothing like the actual city. That’s okay, though: It’s fun to close my eyes and imagine how New York would feel under a cloud of orange, cedar, and jasmine notes.

Foxglove is dispensed in an oil, so that it dries velvety and smooth. It’s a scent that smells like the lush outdoors — a fragrance that tops the less-than-desirable smell of the streets of New York any day of the week.

A Scent That Will Remind You of a Summer Day