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A Sleek Silicone Oven Mitt for Kitchen Flexibility

Photo: Bobby Doherty

The goal: Find the ideal oven mitt for hoisting trays of gluten-free muffins and dropping lobsters into scalding water. We spoke to experts including bakers from Magnolia and Four & Twenty Blackbirds, and they agreed—a mitt’s flexibility is the main priority.

The verdict: Mastrad’s highly malleable silicone Orkaplus is comparable in its give and grip to the terry-cloth mitts favored in industrial bakeries. The sleek, waterproof shell protects skin from hot marinara splatters, and it’s a comfortable 12 inches long (unlike those cumbersome, forearm-length styles). The cotton lining is detachable and goes right in the wash.

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*This article appears in the January 12, 2014 issue of New York Magazine.

A Sleek Oven Mitt for Kitchen Flexibility