do it for the koalas

Someone Please Get These Injured Koalas Their Mittens


People, pay attention: Bushfires rage on in Australia and the International Fund for Animal Welfare tells The Guardian that the fuzzy, lovely, adorable koalas are suffering the most.

Baby koalas separated from their mothers in the haze (please stop) become the first to perish in the fires (no more, please), and those that do escape are badly burned while trying to flee the flames that are engulfing their koala homes (I can’t go on). Those that are rescued still have to face a slow and painful rehabilitation. Their paws are covered in burn cream and wrapped in bandages that have to be changed several times a day. The only thing that brings them comfort are tiny koala mittens for their little burned paws.

The IFAW has a simple pattern you can follow. It’s very easy, even for the most novice sewer. Print it out, buy some cotton, and binge-sew like your happiness depends on it, because it does.

Someone Please Give These Injured Koalas Mittens