Sorry, Aspiring Glassholes: Google Is Scrapping Google Glass

Google Glass has given us so many things of varying merit. Glassholes. Device-specific beauty tutorials. Device-specific hate crimes. That trippy FKA Twigs video. Now, the BBC reports that the company has shut down its Explorer program, which allowed software developers and other VIPs to buy the device. While Google is halting sales of Glass, the company told the news network that it will continue to develop “future versions of Glass,” whatever that means.

Will this also mark an end to Google Glass’s attempt to take over the fashion world? Though the company enlisted the support of DVF and Net-a-Porter, hired a Calvin Klein vet to up its fashion cred, picking up more attractive frames and a Vogue spread along the way, it seems that shinier new devices, like the Apple Watch and Opening Ceremony’s MICA wearable device, have outpaced Google Glass on that front. At least Nina Garcia looked cute in them?

Sorry, Glassholes: Google to Scrap Google Glass