Stella McCartney Unveiled a ‘Younger’ Line for Adidas

Photo: Courtesy of Adidas

Good news for those already considering breaking their New Year’s fitness resolutions: Stella McCartney, who was on the far forefront of the athleisure movement with the Adidas line she’s been designing for the past decade. On the 15th, she’ll debut a younger line called Adidas StellaSport that will include everything from sports bras to windbreakers to sneakers, all aimed at what McCartney calls “action girls.” Said the designer in a statement, “The adidas StellaSport girl is young, current and vibrant, looking to make a statement and stand out — we wanted to bring that to life within the collection and fuse performance with style to create — performance pop.” The collection will be available on Adidas’s website; if you need to buy one of the pieces to bribe yourself into going to the gym, then so be it.

Stella McCartney Unveils Younger Line for Adidas