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Women: Are You Maximizing the Sexiness of Your Free Time?

Photo: Corbis

How will I ever know which hobbies are the sexiest? It’s a question you probably weren’t considering, but it’s a question that has an answer.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania published a report on this very subject in the Journal of Creative Behavior. Helpfully and considerately, this study organizes pastimes by gender. Women, for example, like men who play sports, take road trips, make “clever remarks” (habitually, one supposes), and record music. Men, the group of people that is left, like women who also play sports, take road trips, but mostly they like women who dance.

So, is each person maximizing his or her free time to account for appealing to the opposite sex? Well, each person better. You know, your spare time doesn’t really belong to you. It belongs to the mass of people who must assess it for sexual appeal. There’s a whole chart to study, so everyone can plan their schedules accordingly. Leisure is so wonderful, isn’t it?

Women: Are You Sure That Your Hobbies Are Sexy?