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Soon You and Your Boyfriend Can Buy Posh, Matching Outfits

Photo: Bloomberg/Getty Images

With skirts and makeup and shameless objectification cropping up on men’s runways this season, it’s no surprise that Selfridges is doing away with antiquated “men’s” and “women’s” sections. According to WWD, the U.K. department store will go “Agender” for six weeks this spring, taking “customers on a journey where they can choose to shop and dress without limitations or stereotypes.” There will be an exclusive, unisex line from furniture designer Faye Toogood, as well as capsules from Nicola Formichetti and Underground, plus designs from Ann Demeulemeester, Comme des Garçons, Meadham Kirchhoff, and Gareth Pugh. Shoppers can either fight their boyfriends to the death over pieces or join forces and destroy the local street-style game. Selfridges creative director Linda Hewson told WWD that she doesn’t see gender-bending as a trend that will come and go like peplums and trapeze dresses (good riddance). Rather, Selfridges is “tapping into a mind-set and acknowledging and responding to a cultural shift that is happening now … as a test bed for experimentation around ideas of gender — both to allow our shoppers to approach the experience without preconceptions and for us as retailers to move the way we shop fashion forward.” I’d ask our London readers to pick something up for me, but who knows what size I wear in the post-gender fashion utopia?

You and Your BF Can Buy Posh, Matching Outfits