The ‘100 Million Colors’ Lady Has an Opinion on That Dress

Yesterday, we published Alexa Tsoulis-Reay’s in-depth interview with Concetta Antico, who is a tetrachromat — meaning she can see colors the rest of us can’t. A few hours later, as if on cue, The Dress happened. Here’s Antico’s take on it:

First — everyone sees color differently so there is no getting around that …. This dress is a colored or darker version of gray … it has hints of lilac, blues, grays, pinks … not bright but subtle … it is definitely not appearing dark as in black or dark blue on my monitor. In the gold area or lace there is some gold yellow but also grayish gold brown and lighter gold beiges.

So then we’re all a little right about what color it is, and maybe we’re also all a little wrong.

‘100 Million Colors’ Lady on the Dress