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The Best Attitudes at Last Night’s Fashion Parties

Natasha Lyonne.
Natasha Lyonne. Photo: Matteo Prandoni/ NYC

Every person has a mood, even at Fashion Week parties. Sometimes this mood is chill, sometimes it’s cheeky, sometimes it’s drunk. Yes, each person always has a mood. Click through to see them at all the Rag & Bone, Purple magazine, and Tommy Hilfiger parties.

Photo: BFA NYC

The Mood to Rule Them All: Natasha Lyonne at Purple magazine dinner with rag & bone.

A sneer, but a super-amused one. Keep it fun, ya know?

Photo: BFA NYC

Best Caped Lean: Alexa Chung at Tommy Hilfiger

She can’t lift her arms in a gesture, but she can lean in a surprised fashion.

Photo: BFA NYC

Most Buoyant: Kim Gordon at Purple Magazine After-Party

What a fun party blazer, what a fun V-neck, what a fun time.

Photo: BFA NYC

Most Blurry: ATL Wins at Purple Magazine After-Party

Out-of-focus sweatshirts, partially focused eyeballs.

Photo: BFA NYC

Best Turtleneck: Dev Hynes at Grandlife

So cozy.

Photo: BFA NYC

Most Prom: Petra Collins and Carlotta Cole at Purple magazine dinner with rag & bone.

Hurry up, mom, we’re running late.

Photo: BFA NYC

Most Unconvinced: Mark Ronson at Purple magazine dinner with rag & bone.

Wait, did you say someone drew on his blazer? He doesn’t believe you, not for a minute.

Photo: BFA NYC

Most Wearied: Bella Hadid at Purple Magazine After-Party

In a sea of black, she is but a dark wave.

Photo: BFA NYC

Most Serene: Toni Garrn at Grandlife

Her cheekbones could cut ice, so the cold doesn’t really bother her.

Photo: BFA NYC

Best Après-Ski: Laure Heriard Dubreuil and Arden Wohl at Purple magazine dinner with rag & bone.

Slope style: 19th century and peak ‘80s.

The Best ’Tudes at Last Night’s Fashion Parties