Didn’t Get a Front-Row Seat? Try a Lap Instead.

Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Hannah Bronfman, Ricky Hil, and Rita Ora. Photo: Andy Kropa/AP

Without fail, one of the most entertaining parts of New York Fashion Week is watching adult men and women melt down like sleepy toddlers when they realize their seats aren’t in the first or second row. It looks something like this: “What do you mean I’m in the sixth row, I’m an accessories editor?” — with a foot stomp for emphasis. (Remember, kids, Kanye willingly sat in the second row at a show.)

But if all else fails, here’s a Fashion Week life hack observed at today’s Tommy Hilfiger show. Rita Ora swept in like a glorious alien praying mantis accompanied by her boyfriend, Ricky Hil. (Hil, son of Tommy Hilfiger, is distancing himself from his father’s legacy by dropping the “figer.” He’s got to be his own man, you know?) Since their couple’s hairdos — hers a blinding platinum blonde, his a blinding green — each required their own moment in the spotlight, they were among the last to their seats.

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When they did, Olivia Palermo, Hannah Bronfman, Rachel Zoe, and her husband, Roger, all realized there was no space in the already-full front row for Rita and Ricky. Nobody offered to move; instead, they looked at their feet to avoid culpability. Finally, after several awkward moments, good ol’ Roger was demoted to the second row (with Zoe’s handbag), but, even so, there was still only space for Rita or Ricky but not both. Who would give up their front-row seat to solve the problem? Not Palermo, that’s for sure.

Ora left the tantrums to North West and decided to watch the show perched on her boyfriend’s lap. While it remains unclear what Ricky Hil actually does, he appears to make a pretty decent human chair, and he taught us an important Fashion Week lesson. No front-row seat? No problem. Next time, just ask to sit in Anna Wintour’s lap.

Didn’t Get a Front-Row Seat? Try a Lap Instead.