Where to Follow All of the Cut’s Editors During Fashion Week

The thing about Fashion Week is that there is a lot going on. With what seems like every publication, fashion brand, blogger, model, and celebrity tweeting, Instagramming, and snapping from all of the shows, dinners, parties, and after-parties (are you tired yet?), just thinking about trying to keep up can feel exhausting.

Allow us to present our Fashion Week social-media cheat sheet. Not only will you get all of the latest updates on runway shows, street style, trends, and celebrities, but you’ll also have the pleasure of seeing it all from our sharp and stylish editors’ eyes, delivered with a knowing wink. Taking things too seriously isn’t fun.

Your control center: The Cut

Twitter: @TheCut

Instagram: @TheCut, #CutSpies

Who: Cathy Horyn, fashion-critic-at-large

Twitter: @CathyHoryn

Who: Stella Bugbee, editorial director

Twitter: @StellaBugbee

Instagram: @StellaBugbee

Snapchat: StellaBugbee

Photo: Ben Ritter

Who: Rebecca Ramsey, style director

Twitter: @RebeccaRams

Instagram: @RebeccaRams

Snapchat: @rramsey4

Photo: Ben Ritter

Who: Izzy Grinspan, senior editor

Twitter: @izzygrinspan

Snapchat: @izzygrinspan

Photo: Carly Otness/BFAnyc.com

Who: Véronique Hyland, fashion news editor

Twitter: @Veroniquean

Instagram: @niquepeeks

Snapchat: niquepeeks

Who: Diana Tsui, senior market editor

Twitter: @chupsterette

Instagram: @chupsterette

Snapchat: chupsterette

Who: Lindsay Peoples, associate market editor

Twitter: @lrpeoples

Instagram: @lrpeoples

Who: Kathleen Hou, senior beauty editor

Twitter: @KathleenHou

Instagram: @KatHou

Snapchat: KathleenHou

Who: Ashley Weatherford, associate beauty editor

Twitter: @sincerelyash

Instagram: @ashley.weatherford

Snapchat: ash.weatherford

Follow the Cut’s Editors During Fashion Week!