How to Work With Your Best Friend and Not Kill Her

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Yesterday, Susan Sarandon and Donna Karan shared an intimate moment before the designer’s show — and by “intimate,” we mean that a handler was physically holding off a dozen photographers. (“They are having a moment,” she barked. “Let them have their moment and then you can have a shot.”) So we wondered: How do other pairs of friends tackle Fashion Week?

At Alice and Olivia’s spring presentation yesterday, Sofia Richie said that while she’s watched her friend Gigi Hadid walk in shows, she hasn’t found any time to hang out with her. But Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer gave some exemplary lessons in friendship sync-up. For example: Fix each other’s hair. Have the same taste in music (both say they’d want to walk down a runway to “#NotYours” by Scooter Island featuring Jungle Pussy). Wear complementary white outfits: Glazer was in a white silk suit that resembled a glammed-up version of her Broad City character’s “white power suit,” while Jacobson wore a white dress and sequined jacket. Both looks were timeless enough that they could still work if Glazer and Jacobson want to retire on a cruise ship together at 65. (Please do.)

Here’s what else I learned after infiltrating their friendship for a glorious two minutes and 36 seconds:

What did you guys do to prep for today? Waxing, tanning, juice fasts?
Ilana Glazer: No prep. We do the whole waxing thing for fun. We just rip hair off all the time. Not like we have any hair we have to wax; we just want to relate.
Abbi Jacobson: I’m doing it all the time. I just wax my head hair sometimes.
I.G.: She has an extra row of bangs for it. Do people really tan? I just think, This is winter; you can be pale. I’m a white person. I signed up for this.

Do you guys influence each other’s style?
A.J.: We have a similar style, but a different style. We like a lot of the same stuff.
I.G.: We like the same shoes. But then it will flourish into something different. 
A.J.: A top I would pair with leggings or short-shorts, you’d pair with jeans. We’d wear the same blazer but totally accessorize it differently. But I’m always like, “Where did you get that, where did you get that?” Did you see that she’s wearing all the designer earrings? They’re all the same designer.
I.G.: Wendy Nichols.

You guys work together and are close friends. How do you not kill each other?
A.J.: Oh, we do. 
I.G.: We give each other a lot of space. There’s this unconditional sister-love thing. Also it’s like … What is that bad? If we kill each other’s pets, that’s bad. That’s the deal-breaker. If we’re not doing that, then who cares?

This interview has been edited and condensed.

How to Work With Your BFF and Not Kill Her