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Jeremy Scott Went Completely Looney Tunes for Moschino This Season

Photo: Imaxtree

After Barbie, SpongeBob, and Budweiser, what hallowed American icons would Jeremy Scott confound the Milanese cognoscenti with this season? How about Sylvester, Daffy, Bugs, and the Tasmanian Devil? At Moschino today, Scott enlisted the Saturday-morning staples as his latest pop muses. He plastered oversize T-shirts with their likenesses — in true house style, the whole menagerie was weighed down with ample logos and cartoonish amounts of bling. Elsewhere, he gleefully trod his late-’80s and early-’90s territory with quilted outerwear in primary colors and gowns emblazoned with sequined “graffiti.” As for that era’s eternal question — “Which way do I wear my sideways cap?” — the designer split the difference with a double bill and a gold Moschino logo. What can you say? He’s a crowd-pleaser.

Jeremy Scott Went Looney Tunes for Moschino