Ladies, Here’s How to Stay Entertained During the Super Bowl

What do housewives do when they disappear into the kitchen in between delivering Super Bowl pizza rolls to their hungry infant husbands and these husbands’ boorish friends?  Do they knit? Read? Stare blankly at the wall contemplating where their life went wrong? This SNL skit from last night — a perfect send-up of stereotypically chauvinistic Super Bowl ads — answers the question. In between feeding her “hungry guys” trays of Totino’s pizza rolls and cold beers, wives get to bust boredom with Totino’s Super Bowl Activity Kit for Women, a collection of games designed for a 5-year-old child but entertaining enough to hold the attention of a grown woman.

In between mandatory snack delivery intervals, the housewife, played by Vanessa Bayer, successfully completes a three-word word hunt, savors the lone pizza roll she is allotted for snack time, and somehow manages to convincingly repeat “Anything for my hungry guys” with convincing spousal dedication despite her clenched teeth and pained expression.

Ladies, Stay Entertained During the Super Bowl