We Can’t Use the Eggplant Emoji for Sexting Anymore, Thanks to Diplo

Photo: Kelly Chiello and Photos by Shutterstock, Wikimedia Commons

Billboard did a cute thing where they asked celebs to discuss their favorite emoji. Charli XCX is into palm trees, they learned, while Gwen Stefani uses the cloud to express her current state. And Diplo — well, Diplo said, “The eggplant one — it’s code for stuff.”

I do not have the lung capacity to emit a sigh as deep as this warrants. If Diplo (or Adam Levine) is really into something, it’s a good sign that the time has come to let that thing go. So, from now on, no self-respecting human is allowed to use the eggplant to symbolize “stuff” (penis, sex, sex stuff, penis stuff, ratatouille) ever again.

But since we still have “stuff” needs, the Cut has a whole list of other suitable replacements. Click through and find your new favorite! Thanks a lot, Diplo, you [eggplant emoji].

No More Using the Eggplant Emoji for Sexts