Introducing the ‘Bouquet Slayer’: America’s Most Aggressive Wedding Guest

Photo: Shutterstock

Jamie Jackson, known in some circles as the “Bouquet Slayer,” is a 37-year-old Utah resident who has transformed weddings into a competitive hobby — nay, a sport. Jamie is a skillful bouquet-catcher, perhaps the best this Earth has ever seen. She has caught 46 tied-up flower bundles since 1996. In order to find the recognition she deserves, Jamie has submitted the necessary documentation to the Guinness World Records.

Jamie describes herself as “competitive.” But don’t just take it from her; her friends are thrilled to describe Jamie using words like “spunky and aggressive.” A supposed close friend, Nichole Keddington, also includes colorful commentary on the conditions of Jamie’s love life:

Jamie is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the bouquet toss. Some girls might be a little bitter that they’d caught so many bouquets and had never thrown their own, but not Jamie.

Yes, Jamie is super-single. Did you catch that? People magazine describes this as an “irony.” Jamie don’t care though. She’s got a display case filled with all her dead flower awards, and she’s pretty sure that she’s shut out the competition. The current record-holder, Stephanie Monyak from Pennsylvania, has only caught 15 bouquets. Jamie spoke to her:

I got in touch with her and she says she’s now going to more funerals than weddings. So I figure I have this thing in the bag.

Ha, so most of Stephanie’s friends appear to be on the way out and Jamie is still in her prime.

Jamie says she’s staying in game-ready shape to reach her goal of 50 bouquets. For now, she’s awaiting the Guinness committee’s decision, alongside her glass case of dead plant trophies.

The Most Aggressive Wedding Guest in America