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Nora Ephron Despised Blue, Banned It From Her Movies

Nora Ephron.
Nora Ephron. Photo: LUCAS JACKSON/Corbis

In celebration of love and You’ve Got Mail, Vanity Fair gathered a team from the movie to discuss Nora Ephron, her writing, and her taste. For one thing, she hated blue, she hated blue so much she forbid it from appearing in her movies:

Dianne Dreyer  (associate producer): Nora as I say, all within her specific agenda, she worked really closely with designers and costumers and just cared about everything. She cared about detail in a big, big way.

Meg Ryan (Kathleen Kelly): Somebody had like a Yankee cap somewhere as a set decoration. And she saw it and she said something like, “This color blue doesn’t exist. It has not been invented! I said this in the production meeting I don’t know how many times and we all know this color blue has not been invented!”

Dan Davis (production designer): She hated blue … On camera, blue generally sort of pops a lot and sometimes it looks kind of ugly and jarring for some reason.

What color would you ban from your movies? I would ban blue, too, because Nora Ephron always seems to be right about this sort of thing.

Nora Ephron Despised Blue