Raf Simons Says That Being a Designer Today Is ‘Like Being a Lawyer’

Photo: Neil Rasmus/BFAnyc.com

Is there something in the water? First Marc Jacobs said his piece about his boredom with young designers; now, Raf Simons suggests that pursuing a fashion-design career these days is on the order of working at a law firm. In an interview with Elle, the Dior designer alludes to his “boredom” with the industry: “The access is too easy … too much gets smashed in people’s faces,” he says. “Fashion is now pop, where it used to be a niche. It moves with such speed that sometimes it leads to a lack of depth. The mystique is gone. Now being a fashion designer is like becoming a lawyer.” (Albeit, a lawyer who’s surrounded by pretty clothes and 150,000 orchids.) That said, Simons seems to have made peace with the new order of things, concluding: “Fashion is overtly about commerce. That’s okay.”

Raf Simons Says His Job Is ‘Like Being a Lawyer’