the best a man can get is a beard

Razor Company With No Stake in the Matter Says Women Don’t Like Beards

Photo: Ridofranz/Getty Images

What sort of face-hair fashions are most appealing to the modern woman? It’s a question that men might ask when deciding whether to glide tiny knives down their faces every morning.

A company selling these small blades, Gillette, sought to answer this quandry about facial hair and attraction. It analyzed 100,000 young single men on the thumb-exercising game Tinder. Amazingly, the study found that “clean-shaven” men received 74 percent of all approving swipes from women. Anecdotal evidence, area crush reports, and important photojournalist efforts all suggest this conclusion might be faulty. Perhaps some adorable beard-wax company would like to conduct a double-blind follow-up.

Razor Company Suggests Women Don’t Like Beards