These Romantic Photos of Couples Kissing Will Decorate a Subway Station Tomorrow

A Kiss, With Good Nails. Photo: Ruvan Wijesooriya

On Valentine’s Day this year, photographer Ruvan Wijesooriya will set up shop again on the tunnel at 14th Street between Sixth and Seventh (the long, gross, sad sloped one) to give away his photographs. Most of Wijesooriya’s photos are shot on 35-millimeter black-and-white film, and are close-ups of people kissing. This year, he’s also included an array of color, romantic photos of people hugging, cute puppies, rainbows, flowers, and other unobjectionably nice things.

Wijesooriya plans to give away 2,000 of these pictures to passersby to, you know, spread the love around. In case your plans or geography are keeping you away from this sad subway tunnel, click through to see some of these smooching photos for yourself.

See Some Romantic Photos of Couples Kissing