Teen Founder of Real-life Baby-Sitter’s Club: Such a Boss

A book from the Baby-Sitter's Club series, which was actually about friendship.
A book from the Baby-Sitter’s Club series, which was actually about friendship.

Noa Mintz is a 15-year-old founder of a successful three-year-old company called Nannies By Noa. It’s a modern Baby-Sitter’s Club, except it’s a lonesome venture, with no fun phone-call circle or hand-drawn calendars, and it recruits nannies at SoulCycle.

And Noa is such a boss. According to New York Post reporting, she delegates and has “epiphanies” about company efficiency. She has 190 clients in the tri-state area. She has trouble leaving the office at the office: “It’s hard to step away,” she said about taking a family vacation. “I never get peace, so I’m very much enjoying this.” She has the Post speculating about her earnings (she’s “poised to make millions”). She says things like “because we’re a privately held company, we cannot disclose our financials.” She has a Midtown conference room for weekly meetings, she circles back to emails during study hall, she says she works “excruciating hours.”

Most important, Noa has a self-justifying slogan, one that placates and intimidates, ready to use against anyone who doubts her: “I always say, Don’t let my age get in the way.

Teen Founder of Babysitting Company: Such a Boss