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Woman Made Possibly Delicious Yogurt From Her Vagina

Photo: Garo/Phanie/Corbis

Would Julia Child be really sad to know there’s an entire cookbook dedicated to semen while recipes that  utilize a woman’s vaginal secretions seem nearly impossible to unearth (and no, the cleverly named rum cocktail Pussy Juice doesn’t count)? Cecilia Westbrook, an M.D./Ph.D. student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, pondered that question and thought, “Yeah, maybe!” Then she figured out a way to make yogurt from her own vagina, Motherboard reports. Here’s how she did it:

The “collection method” was done with a wooden spoon. She set up a positive control (made with actual yogurt as the starter culture) and a negative control (plain milk with nothing added), and combined her own home-made ingredient to the third batch of yogurt. Left overnight, the magic of biology created a respectably-sized bowl.

She hypothesized that if women take probiotics to promote vaginal health (and/or to smell like peaches), why wouldn’t yogurt made from the bacteria of a healthy vagina work just as well, or better? While the end product doesn’t guarantee health benefits, it was edible. Westbrook reported that it tasted “sour, tangy, and almost tingly on the tongue” and went best with blueberries. Just like your Chobani, except a product of the feminine divine.

Woman Made Possibly Tasty Yogurt From Her Vagina