Go Ahead, Embrace Your Shameful Crushes

Rick Rubin, Scott Adsit, Nelly. Photo: Getty Images

Valentine’s Day is fun, but this week the Cut is celebrating self-love: We’re indulging all our whims, desires, and worst impulses. Join us for five days of ME ME ME ME ME.

As a wise lady (Selena Gomez) once sang about a boy (Justin Bieber), “the heart wants what it wants.”

We share the sentiment, Selena. And judging by this roundup, we also share your questionable taste in men. Everyone has a secret crush: one that is so baffling they prefer not to admit their deep attraction to themselves, let alone other people, for fear of judgment.

But this week the Cut is all about me, me, me — and that includes everything that makes “me” 100 percent turned on. So be it an uncomfortable fascination with the Rock’s eyebrow, an eccentric lust for Jean-Claude Van Damme’s splits, or a frankly disturbing attraction to Ryan Seacrest, we’ve created a safe space for people to admit their deepest shame crushes, and say, with pride: Yeah, it’s weird, but I’d totally hit that. More than once.

Go Ahead, Embrace Your Shameful Crushes