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Yoga Community Has Meltdown As Prominent Yoga Skeeze Faces Trial

Bikram Choudhury. (Rebecca Greenfield/Polaris.)
Bikram Choudhury. (Rebecca Greenfield/Polaris.) Photo: Rebecca Greenfield/Polaris

The Speedo-uniformed, luxury-car amassing conman Bikram Choudhury is facing a trial that has ruptured the yoga community. The hot-yoga evangelist is contending with six civil lawsuits from women who are accusing him of rape and assault. His trial has torn the yoga community at its core, according to reporting from Jack Healy at the New York Times. Many former devotees are distancing themselves from Choudhury’s teachings in disgust, while others keep clinging to their leader, crossing fingers and limbs in hopes that their guru can just sweat this one out.

Yoga’s Most Influential Skeeze Is On Trial