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Zosia Mamet Would Like Bruce Willis to Play Her in a Movie

Zosia Mamet.
Zosia Mamet. Photo: Billy Farrell/ NYC

“I’m not embarrassed by many things, sadly,” Zosia Mamet mused at last night’s Prada’s Iconoclasts exhibition launch party. For instance, the Girls star said, the world already knows that she is shamelessly obsessed with the TV show Nashville, and she’s proud of that. “I just kind of own the things that I love,” she added. “I’m the person, like, singing out loud, on the treadmill, to the song I’m listening to.” What song might that be? “Anything. Like, anything from some old-school Dylan jams, or ELO, or maybe Taylor Swift. It just depends on the day.”

And with the Oscars approaching, we wondered: Who would Mamet want to play her in a movie? “Bruce Willis,” she promptly replied. “Because our hair is very similar.”

Zosia Mamet Wants Bruce Willis in Her Biopic