A Drawn View of Paris Fashion Week Through the Eyes of an Illustrator

Photo: Courtesy of Dior

Paris Fashion Week has come to an end and with it, editors have returned home and resumed their normal lives. As souvenirs, most can proudly claim monthlong sleep deprivation or a new Alaïa dress bought at a steep discount thanks to the strong dollar. But in search of other takeaways, the Cut sent illustrator Jamie Lee Reardin to capture scenes from Paris Fashion Week (such as the Dior makeup look created by Peter Philips), which she faithfully documented on coffee cups, scraps of paper, a Mariage Frères tea label, and other found detritus. Click through the slideshow to see a drawn view of Paris Fashion Week through her eyes.

Jamie Lee Reardin drawing live at Paris Fashion Week. Photo: Courtesy of Dior
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