guilty as charged

All Your Money Is Going to Pizza, Wine, and Parties

At Quartz, researchers determined the most popular emoji on Venmo, the payment app and incidental roster of millennial activity. The analysts collected data on every public transaction for a week (about 800,000 exchanges) and determined that a lot of people take out minor loans for pizza, wine, and beer.

Here are the top ten most popular emoji and descriptions of the indicated remittances:

Pizza (17,470)
• It’s an on-the-go payment for an on-the-go meal between on-the-go friends! We’re all leading such fun, busy lives right now!

Wine (12,454)
• I’m so glad we got a chance to really catch up last night, girl. Promise we’ll do it again soon? Ugh, promise!

Two Beer Mugs Clinking (11,590)
• Cheers to you, sir, for briefly allowing me to be in your debt.

Disembodied, Exploding Party Hat (8,315)
• What a raucous and uncontainable night we had, and now it’s time to reduce this celebration into a monetary sum.

Heart (6,969)
• Oh my goodness, I just love you so much. I love that thing you bought for me, and I love that I’m paying you back for it right now. What is love, if it’s not an exchange?

Dancing Woman in Red Dress (6,572)
• Wow! You had so much fun last night. So much dancing from you, who knew you had it in you? Haha!

Face Kissing So Hard it Burps a Heart (6,370)
• This is a payment either for physical affection or attempting to demonstrate such a thing.

Tropical Drink (5,767)
• Thursday is the new Friday though! It really is, you’re totally right, the weekend system is pretty arbitrary.

Small Home by a Big Tree (5,410)
• Whoa, look at you, slowly, surely working off the mortgage.

Single Beer (5,384)
• Enjoy this single payment, you generous micro-financier of liquid assets! Oh my gosh, do you get it?

There you have it, that’s what everyone is buying, this is conspicuous consumption as told by micro-cartoons, these are the emoji of our lives.

All Your Money Is Going to Pizza, Wine, Parties