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A Makeup Remover That Can Tackle Any Waterproof Mascara

Photo: Courtesy Photo

As Paris Hilton might say, Eyeko’s mascara-remover wipes are truly “dope.” Each small — but substantial-feeling — pure cotton wipe contains enough gentle makeup remover to take off layer upon layer of waterproof mascara. Regardless of whether you’re wearing a plebeian two coats or a Paris-level 15, all traces come off with a light five- to ten-second massage with the wipe. The secret lies in Eyeko’s mellow formula, which contains lots of delicate botanicals that remove every bit of mascara from the lashes, with zero tugging or harsh maneuvers. While there are only ten wipes included in each package, having zero eyelash casualties from the mascara-removal process is well worth it — whether you’re an heiress or not.

Eyeko “Mascara Off” Eye Makeup Remover Wipes, $9 at Nordstrom.

A Makeup Remover for Any Waterproof Mascara