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Newly Blond Jared Leto Totally Upstaged Newly Blonde Kim Kardashian Today

Jared Leto; Kim Kardashian.
Jared Leto; Kim Kardashian. Photo: Getty Images

Kim Kardashian took great pains to get the maximum impact of debuting her platinum-blonde dye job during Paris Fashion Week. She flew to Paris wearing a ginormous knit beanie — tugging it down to hide her newly flaxen locks — until she was ready to display her hair moments before the Balmain show today.  She wore all black, and presumably asked Kanye to trail her by at least two feet so as not to block any of the glow from her towheaded halo.

Nothing could detract from the glory of this debut, except entering Balmain to find Jared Leto sporting a nearly identical platinum-blond, short, slicked hairdo.

Remember that feeling when you spent all summer picking out your back-to-school Gap skort and striped T-shirt for the first day? And then Popular Becca showed up in first period wearing the same exact thing and everyone gushed all over her outfit instead of yours? Yeah, Kim Kardashian certainly does.

Blond Jared Leto Totally Upstaged Blonde Kim K