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A Video Campaign to Turn Cressida Bonas Into an ‘It’ Girl

What is an “It” girl anyway? you might ask yourself on your particularly world-weary days. Of course, you know that an “It” girl cannot be defined, just as she cannot help that her hair always looks magnificent, just as she cannot arrive punctually to any occasion. The more important question is: Is she created or discovered, and can the difference be known? 

Miss Vogue presents a short film starring Cressida Bonas as such a girl with the “It.” Cressida Bonas, who is best known as a former person of Royal interest, an enthusiast of jaunty paper crowns, and an acid-green smoothie evangelist.

So, what kind of case does this video make for her in the “It” department? Oh, an excellent one. She reportedly spent an entire summer twirling. “That’s all I did all summer,” she says of twirling. She is found in such locations as: a garden, among white sheets, a lonely hallway, and a quiet city street. She says sentences like: “I would definitely prefer to dance in a field every time.” Every time, that’s what she prefers. 

Cressida Bonas’s ‘It’-Girl Video Campaign