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Grimes’s Hair Dye Captures All the Beauty of a Sunrise

Grimes has a self-directed new video for the previously unreleased demo track “REALiti” — it’s meant to serve as a little Grimes fix, since she announced she won’t be releasing an album anytime soon. The video is great for a few reasons: The song is fun, Grimes’s dancing is fun, and there’s a random fun chicken that I liked. But also: Her hair is fantastic.

Check out that bold and sassy color-blocked hair. It starts with neon orange and somehow blends into a large chunk of black roots, then fades into a tangerine ombré. Her hair captures all the colors of fresh molten lava spewing from an active volcano. It’s the color of a Tahitian sunrise, or some other natural phenomenon that could also be the name of a cocktail.

Grimes, if you’re reading this, send us the name of your colorist?

Grimes’s Hair Captures the Beauty of a Sunrise