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The Grocery Store: Not a Bad Place for a Date

Taylor Swift; Calvin Harris.
Taylor Swift; Calvin Harris. Photo: Getty Images

Yesterday, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris perused a Whole Foods grocery store together. Are they on a date? Is it a romantic date or a friend date? Who knows, but whatever it is, Taylor Swift knows, and she also knows what she’s doing. Grocery stores are fantastic places to assess character.

Sustenance is of the utmost importance on the hierarchy of needs, and very important to most people. Graze through a market’s plentiful harvest and the mind of your date at the same time. Are you compatible (i.e., do you like the same snacks)?

Small-talk topics greet you at every turn. Did you also once cut your finger while cooking beets? Set up morality tests. Does your date believe it is moral to sample from the olive-bar bounty or nah? Use shopping-cart navigation as a microcosm of how your date interacts in the world. Do they defer with due politeness? Do they considerately lean over as they pass other carts to adjust for wheel-bumps? Do they assert themselves in the competitive vegetable pathway? Does your new friend have dietary restrictions? All will be revealed in due time.

Cilantro: Feelings?

Does your date have an uncanny ability to find the samples throughout the store? Keep them close, keep them forever.

The Grocery Store: Not a Bad Place for a Date