A Happy, Print-Filled Home Collection to Help You Forget This Crappy Winter

A dog shakes Aidy Bryant’s hand.

There’s only one way to beat this everlasting winter, and that’s fantasizing about happier things to come. For example: buying jean shorts that you will someday wear, or scrolling through photos of turquoise beaches. If tropical vacations and future jorts aren’t an effective gloom-buster, then scroll through the look book for Dusen Dusen Home, designer Ellen Van Dusen’s first complete line of home accessories.

Van Dusen and partner Ada Egloff have taken the playful prints, primary colors, bold patterns, and Memphis Group–inspired bombast that are hallmarks of her clothing line and translated them into a collection of blankets, throw pillows, towels, bedding, and ottomans. They’ll remedy your seasonal affective disorder.

Take a closer look at the Dusen Dusen Home fall 2015 look book starring SNL cast member Aidy Bryant, whose sense of humor Van Dusen says “parallels the whimsy and playful aesthetic of the collection.” Our only complaint is that the line isn’t available until this summer — but we’ll be obsessively browsing the look book until the launch.

A Happy Home Line to Help You Forget This Winter