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Hey, Want to Come to My Pot Tupperware Party?

Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

When someone invites me to a “Tupperware” party, I usually picture something you might call a “mayonnaise-salad-themed party.” But thank goodness for the pot-loving ladies of San Francisco, who have apparently taken to hosting “Tupperware parties for cannabis.” They have reclaimed the theme and made it awesome. 

The San Francisco Chronicle reports on one such event: It’s just a chill space for female weed entrepreneurs to come sell their goods, talk business, find a way to achieve success in a male-dominated industry, and eat “cannabis-infused, gluten-free vegan blueberry granola” (Jesus, San Francisco), test pot-laced topical creams, and discuss the merits of Sexxpot, an aphrodisiac strain of weed. 

Meanwhile, I patiently await my invitation to the next one.

Hey, Want to Come to My Pot Tupperware Party?