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How Much Would You Pay for a Scary Haunted Dolly?

Photo: alex_black/Getty Images

Between Chucky dolls, Furbies, Tickle Me Elmos, ventriloquist dummies, and horrifying Byers’ Choice Carolers, there’s a well established market for creepy, evil-looking, dream-haunting dolls. So why not go one further and purchase dolls that will actually haunt you? The Madame Alexander enthusiast with an interest in the macabre needs only to turn to eBay, where the haunted-doll market is thriving, according to NPR.

People are listing glass-eyed demons that may contain an evil spirit, a vengeful poltergeist, an age-old curse, or just the devil himself within their fragile porcelain shell. The dolls don’t come cheap, though: One possessed troll doll sold for $1,400. So if you’re hoping for a doll that will transfer their evil murderous spirit into your flesh vessel and go on a killing spree, get ready to pay top dollar.

Photo: ebay
How Much Would You Pay for a Scary Haunted Doll?