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Kanye’s Populist Designs Won’t Come With Populist Price Tags

The scene at Kanye's Adidas show.
The scene at Kanye’s Adidas show.

“This isn’t about elitism, this isn’t about separatism,” Kanye West said in the publicity ramp-up to his Adidas show last month. “This is about as many people being involved with this vision as possible.” In a post-show interview with, he continued to hit the egalitarian note hard, calling himself “the Robin Hood of fashion,” and adding, “We’ll eventually get [the pieces] super-inexpensive. And it will be all about everyone having them.” Perhaps that may happen eventually, but according to Highsnobiety, the collection will be far from super-inexpensive. You might even call it super-expensive. 

So-called “entry-level clothing” will be about $423, knitwear $868 to about $1,600. (All prices have been converted from British pounds.) Outerwear will range from $1,736 to $3,800, with a canvas backpack going for $488. Shoes will be less expensive, with a low-top version of the hit Yeezy Boost going for just over $200. As you might expect, one intrepid fan operating under the nom de plume Broke Homie has already started a GoFundMe page titled Help Me Buy Clothes from Kanye. As of now, he’s only raised enough to afford the low-tops.

Kanye for Adidas Won’t Come at Populist Prices