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Kate Winslet Earns Her Birthdays, Thank You Very Much

Kate Winslet, day-earner.
Kate Winslet, day-earner. Photo: Corbis

Here’s the thing about earthly rotations as they apply to you: As long as you continue to be a person, you get a birthday. You get one (1) every single year, with the exception of leap-day children, who shouldn’t read any further as they are 7 years old, even if they’re 29. But, in the wisdom of grandfathers and first-grade teachers, everything is better if you earn it.

Kate Winslet, a beautiful person who lives life in a beautiful fashion and looked like this while sitting in a field recently, will have her 40th birthday in October. In her words“I’m definitely going to get to my 40th birthday and feel I’ve earned it.” How did she earn it? The evidence is myriad and she doesn’t have to justify anything to you. This is the posture of a woman who earns 365 days a year, 366 on leap years. Do you plan to just accept your birthday rather than deservedly acquiring it? Aren’t you cheating the world if you don’t truly earn your birthday? That’s what Kate Winslet might think, so yes, you probably are.

Kate Winslet Does Have Birthdays, But Earns Them