Lululemon’s ‘Anti-Ball Crushing’ Method Reveals Importance of Punctuation

Photo: Justin Case/Getty Images

Leggings proprietor Lululemon has always had a tight, intimate relationship with the junk of its customers. In its concerted effort to appeal to men, the company has made some key adjustments in the department of crotch design. 

Bloomberg’s Lindsey Rupp reports that Lululemon has developed “ABC” athletic pants particularly for men. And what does this alphabet-soup design entail? The company’s chief executive officer, Laurent Potdevin, notes that ABC pants are “anti-ball crushing” pants. It’s all part of Lululemon’s efforts to promote the importance of intentional language and punctuation. After all, “anti-ball, crushing” pants would involve an entirely different approach to male consumers. 

Lululemon’s ABC Stands for ‘Anti-Ball Crushing’