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Madonna, Archetypal Mother, Worries About Q-tips

Lourdes and Madonna.
Lourdes and Madonna. Photo: George Pimentel/WireImages

Holy mother Madonna is also a concerned mother with specific (yet typical) maternal neuroses (the linens supply in her daughter’s dorm room). In true mom-fashion, she expresses these concerns by yelling them across the figurative parking lot (a public interview on the Today show) in front of everyone:

I’m very “mom.” I’m very, you know, worried: Are you okay? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating right? You know, I set up a humidifier in her room with eucalyptus oil. I was worried about the fact that she didn’t have enough towels, Q-tips. 

God, Mom, the humidifier is fine, did you really have to tell everyone about it? Yes, thank you for choosing eucalyptus, it is soothing. Uh huh, the Q-tip supply is ample. No, I really don’t need any more. Okay, fine, I know I can always share them. Yes. Okay, yes, missyoutoobye. 

Madonna, Archetypal Mother, Worries About Q-tips