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Apparently, People Regularly Mistake Eva Chen for Vera Wang

Eva Chen
Eva Chen Photo: Steve Rogers Photography/Getty Images

It’s not surprising that women often run up to Eva Chen on the street to tell her they love her work. That said, there’s one type of encounter she doesn’t exactly relish. “When people are like, ‘Oh my God, I love your wedding dresses,’ that means that there are not enough Asian women designers, because they think that I’m Vera Wang,” Chen said on a SXSW panel with Joe Zee. “I mean, I love Vera, I bow down to her talent, but I’m like, I’m not Vera Wang!” Later, she joked, “It happens often enough that I am questioning [whether to design a bridal line].” Rejoined Zee, “I’ve been chased down the street, being told that I dressed the First Lady in a very beautiful way. I was like, Jason Wu is a lot younger than me, but thank you … I think!”

Chen also revealed that her big dream right now is to be a guest star on Empire (which has certainly been no stranger to fashion cameos). And, in keeping with her Instagram-based baby announcement, she admitted that her offspring already has a private Instagram account: “I think there are, like, 7,000 pending follow requests.”

People Regularly Mistake Eva Chen for Vera Wang