Sheryl Sandberg’s Dorm-Room Decorations: Dork City

Sheryl Sandberg once made a mistake.
Sheryl Sandberg once made a mistake. Photo: Money Sharma/Corbis

Successful business person Sheryl Sandberg was just like you, just like all of us, and had a highly regrettable dorm-room décor situation. She confesses in an article for Cosmopolitan that she affixed an inspirational-sayings poster to her wall that read: “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.” She writes, “I’m amazed that anyone was willing to kiss me under that ridiculous poster.” Everyone is amazed anyone kisses anyone else under any dorm-room posters.

Photo: Sidsel Clement/Corbis
Sheryl Sandberg Had a Dorky Dorm Room