Your Teenage Bedroom Is Still the Best Place on Earth

The Vivian Girls have the best room.
The Vivian Girls have the best room.

All the best parts of teen life take place in a bedroom. It’s a safe space of self-expression where you can spend hours chatting on the phone, dancing around, crying, popping zits, shredding on a guitar, and fantasizing about having sex with whoever is on the poster that hangs over your bed. A place where you can really be yourself, you know?

A genius Tumblr, Teenage Bedrooms on Screen, understands that there’s no better place on earth, and in tribute, has compiled a visual encyclopedia of teen bedrooms from movies, TV, and music videos.

Remember Angela Chase’s room on My So-Called Life?

Photo: ABC

Or the bedrooms of all the cool Kids?

Photo: Miramax

And this enviably adult boudoir from Cruel Intentions.

Photo: Columbia Pictures

Even Duckie’s sad, Smiths fanboy bedroom is a utopia.

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Not only does each photo serve as inspiration home-decorating choices, but they also remind us that it’s totally okay to spend a lot more time holed up in our bedrooms, staring at posters of Johnny Depp and/or Devon Sawa circa the Casper days.

A Teenager’s Bedroom Is the Best Place on Earth