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Teenagers, Efficient Busy People, Change Clothes While Driving

Photo: Keri Pinzon/Getty Images

America’s most popular group (teens) are also America’s newest drivers (teens) are also America’s most outfit-conscious people (teens). It’s a lot to put onto one group of people (teens). They have a lot of distinctions to balance in their bustling, full lives.

It is only logical that the teens must take shortcuts to accomplish everything put upon them. For example, a study reveals that 27 percent of teens say they change clothes in the car. “Teens are busy, I guess,” said assistant professor David Hurwitz, who managed the study at Oregon State University.

They have places to be and a hideous sweater to discard before they get there, so will you step off their neck, and also hold their shoes? Thanks!!!

Teens Still Change Clothes While Driving