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This Music Video Is So Accurate About How Women Relax

It's Karlie Kloss, in her natural state.
It’s Karlie Kloss, in her natural state.

Believe it if you can: Someone has finally filmed a truthful video about women in repose. Everyone thought it was a secret, but the cat is out of the apartment now. When home alone, all women are always like Karlie Kloss in Nile Rodger’s new music video for “I’ll Be There.”

When home alone, all women wear casual, cropped sweatshirts and tiny lace underwear and big dorky tube socks, so you know they weren’t expecting anyone to see them in such a state! All women have piled their hair into carefree, disheveled buns. All women dance while lying down, so there are lots of yogic hip-lifts and rolling over into near states of ecstasy. All women lounge among a haphazard array of their records. All women always have a half-consumed smoothie on the table. All women are always just having fun!

Perfect Music Video Captures How Women Relax