10 Fashion People on Their Biggest Logo Moments

Anja Rubik; Diane von Furstenberg; Karlie Kloss.
Anja Rubik; Diane von Furstenberg; Karlie Kloss. Photo: BFA

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Are head-to-toe logos trashy or brilliant? We asked a quorum of fashion people for their thoughts, and unsurprisingly, they had strong opinions on the topic. In the “con” camp: Jenna Lyons, who called them “the antithesis of everything I’ve ever done,” and Marina Rust Connor, who says the closest she has come is head-to-toe Vera Wang. On the (semi) “pro” end of things are Amy Schumer, who has had a cheesy ‘80s Muscle Beach moment, and Anja Rubik, with her head-to-toe Pucci look at the Met Ball.

Karlie Kloss: “I’m from the Midwest and I was coming of age [around] 2000-ish and I think there was a lot of popped-collar Lacoste shirts, or Abercrombie kids’ shirts, and that was like the most high-end label that I think I had.”

Diane von Furstenberg: “I don’t think I ever had a logo day that I can think about except maybe, when I was young, ‘Make love and not war.’”

Anja Rubik: “I didn’t do a head-to-toe logo moment, but I’ve done a head to-toe print moment. I wore a pretty intense Pucci dress with the whole Pucci print to the Met Ball a few years back. And my favorite logo … I don’t know, but I think Chanel is pretty cool and classic.”

Amy Schumer: ”One time my sister and I bought those Muscle Beach sweatshirts, and we bought Muscle Beach shorts, and socks, so we were Muscle Beach head to toe. It was like a short-sweatshirt cut, so it was horrible.”

Jenna Lyons: ”Oh gosh, no. It’s sort of the antithesis of everything I’ve ever done. I mean I did sport a Lacoste polo shirt when I was young, and we’re running them again, so that’s probably the extent of my logo moment. Other than that I’m like [makes face] that’s not my game at all.”  

Phil Oh: “I have a collection of vintage Starter jackets with various sports logos. I grew up in Chicago, so I’m lucky that our teams all have pretty classic ones — the Bears, Blackhawks, Cubs, White Sox, and of course the Bulls.”

Julie Henderson: ”I walk out sometimes and I go, ‘Oh my God, I’m head-to-toe J.Crew.’ Because you just pick up the staples throughout the season, and you throw them together, and then you go, ‘Oh! Everything I’m wearing is J.Crew.’ It’s funny, like, couldn’t I mix it up a little bit?”

Marina Rust Connor: ”I don’t think I’ve ever worn anything with any logos. I can’t think of one because it’d have to include the shoe, and Manolo Blahnik doesn’t make dresses. But if I can exclude the toe, I do Vera Wang head to toe, I do Rosie Assoulin head to toe, Dries [Van Noten]. I can mix it up with things, and Vera, yeah. I like separates, but there wouldn’t be a logo on any of them, on me.” 

Jessica Joffe: “I wear head-to-toe DVF all the time, as you probably would imagine. [Editor’s note: Joffe is a style editor for the brand.] But I’ve never worn a DVF hat, and a dress, and a pair of shoes. But I would like to, one day.”

Derek Blasberg: “I don’t think it’s a good look. After Lil’ Kim [we’re] all just amateurs.”

10 Fashion People on Their Biggest Logo Moments