104 Very Specific, Yet Practical, Mother’s Day Gifts


REMINDER: Mother’s Day is about to sneak up on you again (May 10, in case you need the date, you self-involved ingrate). Time to get a present, fast. Since no one knows a mom, and all her quirks and interests, better than her kids, we asked the Cut staffers what they would give their own mothers this year.

When they’re not working out (they all seem to work out more than we do), our moms have a diverse array of interests. We shopped for an old-school farm-to-table mom, another who loves sexy historical fiction, and one who definitely needs to start an Instagram feed for all of her delicious desserts, among others. Chances are, your mom probably wants some of this stuff, too, so click ahead and make this easy for yourself.

104 Very Specific, Practical Mother’s Day Gifts