Anti-Catcalling Segment Becomes Catcalling How-To

Catcalling has a new mascot, and he’s wearing a shirt where a weed leaf gradually becomes the Playboy bunny. Come and get it, ladies.

During a news segment about the anti-catcalling signs a feminist collective has begun plastering around NYC, a reporter for Buzz60 had the distinct pleasure of meeting a catcaller in his natural habitat. Watch as the creature demonstrates his various vocal calls, which he acknowledges are the same sounds he uses to call dogs, and defends his actions by rationalizing that “we’re just acknowledging that you did the right thing this morning getting up out of bed.” Please be a viral stunt, please be a viral stunt, please be a viral stunt.

Women of the world, you may cease pursuing your goals immediately: You already have the approval of this guy.


Anti-Catcalling Report Becomes Catcalling How-To