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Can’t Rihanna Just Coachella in Peace?

Here's a question for the ages: If you go to Coachella but don't Instagram it, were you even at Coachella at all? Allow us a case study with this video.

It opens on Rihanna’s friends, minor Instagram celebrities in their own right, dancing in close proximity to Rihanna. Then, you see Rihanna, presiding over all she sees, sitting in front of a table in black with a luxurious (if atypical for the desert valley weather) Coachella fur draped over her chair. She’s holding something long and white. She puts it down. She gestures with her mouth. Maybe she has spinach in her teeth and is trying to dislodge it with her tongue? She says something. A friend, who has festively matched her outfit to the Solo cup in the frame, dances along. Pan back to Rihanna, who joins in her friend’s dancing with a little bop of her head and holds her nose as if she’s snorkeling along to the music.

Some people have their own opinions about what exactly is going on, and have said so across social media. Rihanna, however, fired back with an Instagram from her own view of the same party.

She also took the time to engage with fans, clarifying the situation lest her video be misconstrued. She is an artist, after all.

Rihanna is just one of us. Rihanna just wants to Coachella in peace, and maybe share a Coke with you.

Can’t Rihanna Just Coachella in Peace?