Coachella Street Style: Novelty Pasties and Neon Beards

Bryana Holly. Photo: Keenan Reilly

As anyone with an Instagram account knows, Coachella — the annual convention for fluorescent-hair and body-chain enthusiasts — kicked off this weekend in Southern California. The Cut sent photographer Keenan Reilly to shoot this year’s attendees, who, in addition to the requisite denim undies, donned seashell-shaped pasties, Fendi fanny packs, and a revival of American Apparel’s unfortunate “Conical Asian Hat.” Among the blinding sea of midriffs, others proudly sported neon facial hair, knee-high gladiator sandals, christening gowns, and more. Click through the slideshow for a sense of what the peak saturation of jorts and halter tops looks like.

Coachella Street Style: Pasties and Neon Beards